Martial Arts Denver

These guys are serious about kung fu. Training, practicing and teaching – that’s their passion. Who is “these guys”? Sifu Sam, the school owner, his sifu, his sifu’s sifu and his sifu’s sifu’s sifu and everyone else in the family. Yes, the school is part of the family unified under a direct student of Moy Yat who was a direct student of IP Man. Why does this matter? To me it does ’cause I know I’m not learning no BS. I know the instructor not only has great kung fu but also knows how to teach it.  –Tomasz R. 



I have just began my journey with the Moy Tung Clan and could not be happier. Everyone at the school is very welcoming. I have studied for close to a year but have only been a student of Sifu Sam for a month. Joining this school and training under Sifu Sam I see a huge improvement. –Kyle H. 


I started training Ving Tsun Kung Fu with the Women’s Program at Denver Kung Fu in February, and it’s had a very positive impact on my life. I’m learning how to defend myself and fight, but I’m learning so much more. I apply the philosophies of relaxation and calm to every aspect of my life, and it’s teaching me to be a better student in all of my endeavors. Our Sifu is amazing, and each class has a great balance of individual and class learning. When I started I was unsure I could even commit to the program, and now I’m completely hooked! I recommend anyone who is interested come to the studio and check it out. –Amity A.

I have been training Ving Tsun (wing chun) at this school for a couple of years now, and plan to continue as long as I can. I was initially turned away by the smaller facility and classes than what you’d find at larger schools, but I gave them a chance with a three month trial offer. After a couple of weeks of what I at first thought was a very awkward and non-flashy martial arts style I knew there was something serious hidden in this ving tsun that made it highly effective, and knew I had to continue training. This style isn’t for show, its for helping you survive in case things go wrong.

I was really surprised at how quickly training started translating into my daily life. For some reason you have a great feeling of accomplishment when you drop your keys, and catch them mid air again before they ever hit the ground, or when you just smack flies right out of the air with your bare hands because they’re annoying you, lol. But aside from the smaller things in life, I was really surprised at the confidence you feel, the increased balance you have, and how much the relaxation, structure, and efficiency you practice in class reflects in your every day life.

I’ve actually never been in a fight, but don’t doubt that if things took that really bad turn, I’d now be able to come out on top thanks to Ving Tsun. Aside from the great Sifu in the school, you actually have access to a much larger family of kung fu masters from all over the world that visit the school regularly (including Grand Master Moy Tung who swings by at least twice a year). There are also many schools nation wide you are always welcome to attend and I’m amazed at the family atmosphere involved with such visits. I’ve been to several other school in different states more than a couple of times, and every time there is always someone to offer you a ride, let you crash on their floor, or their couch, and help you in any way they can.

If you are serious about defending yourself I’d give this school a chance. Just sayin.  –Todd A. 

This is a great school for everyone – including those who are just getting interested in martial arts all the way to seasoned martial artists looking to further their kung fu. The school can offer it all.

The training location and space is great. Wood floors, plenty of space, great equipment. The space is one of the best in Denver.

The price is great for what you get. You have the option of 12 classes every week which allows for a lot of flexibility and a lot of learning.

Most importantly, the kung fu you learn is top notch. The school and sifu truly care about improving your skill and the kung fu you learn is one of the most legitimate around. You will start learning ways to protect yourself from day one. And, if you find that Wing Chun is something you want to throw yourself into and really learn, you’ll find a rich and deep level of knowledge waiting. Opportunities exist for special weekend training sessions where teachers, or sifus, from all over the country come to share their knowledge.

Everyone will find some great training at Denver Kung Fu. –Grant F.