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Denver, CO Self Defense


Originally made by a woman for a woman, Ving Tsun is a system created for all body types, regardless of stature or physical fitness. The three main tenets: relaxation, efficiency and center line, all combine to create an effective Self Defense system that relies on technique and not body strength. For example, women who practice Ving Tsung are able to use it to defend themselves against attack much easier than many other styles.

Training Ving Tsung builds confidence, increases relaxation in daily life, and creates a better body image as well as elevated self-esteem. Kung Fu training has been proven to aid in relieving daily stress as well as helping in extreme situations.

IMG_3305Ving Tsun Kung Fu is a fighting martial art. Unlike a traditional gym, these classes are exclusively geared towards learning kung fu for the purposes of effective self defense and fighting ability. The byproducts of this are increased physical fitness and relaxation.


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