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Ving Tsun is best known for its efficiency and effectiveness as Self Defense. Its primary principles are center line, relaxation, and efficiency. Because of the way in which these concepts are explored, the possibility of joint and other types of training injuries are minimized while the fitness and fighting competence of the practitioner grows with surprising speed. For information on our lineage, please click here.

Introductory classes are held by appointment. The cost is $50 and comes with shoes and a uniform t-shirt. These classes are semi-private, allowing new students the opportunity to work one-on-one with an instructor. New students are introduced to the basic forms and drills of Ving Tsun Self Defense, and will have the opportunity to ask specific questions and receive personal consultation. The new practitioner will also have the opportunity to attend the Wednesday open training session for free, to evaluate a regular class.

Kung Fu Forms

There are three forms that a new Ving Tsun practitioner will study: Siu Nim Tao is the first form taught to students, and contains the system’s basic vocabulary. Its name means “little idea”. Chum Kiu introduces shifting, and footwork. It means “seeking the bridge”. The third form is called Biu Ge.

Two Person Self Defense Drills

There are a number of two person drills that practitioners will work with. Eventually, all of the Self Defense techniques and ideas explored in these drills will be brought together in an exercise called Chi Sao. Pak Sao is a punching and blocking exercise, Pak Dar is another chain punching drill that utilizes simultaneous application of both hands. Lop Sao uses techniques from the form Siu Nim Tao to catch and strike in a single motion. Don Chi Sao is a drill that works the ability to take centerline from an opponent. Luk Sao incorporates the principles from the other drills, and requires that the students roll hands and try to create openings in each others technique. Chi Sao is structured free flowing exercise.


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