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Ving Tsun Kung Fu

Ving Tsun, more commonly spelled Wing Chun, is an effective martial art and science that produces students of all sizes and backgrounds that can defend themselves in violent situations. This is the first and most important goal of training Ving Tsun.

A Brief History Of  Modern Ving Tsun

At Denver Kung Fu Sifu Ely teaches Ving Tsun the same way that it was taught to him, and the same way it has been passed down for generations. Ving Tsun is a complete fighting system that dates back at least 400 years. The system was very exclusive until it reached Grandmaster Ip Man. During his life, Ip Man witnessed many things that made him realise the art would die if it was not openly taught to the rest of the world. In the last 50 years Ving Tsun has spread to every corner of the earth and is considered to be one of the most elite fighting sciences. In America the top Ving Tsun teacher under Ip Man was Grandmaster Moy Yat. Moy Tung is a senior discple of Moy Yat and is the modern day Grandmaster. Sifu Ely is a direct grandstudent of Grandmaster Moy Tung.

A Complete System

The system of Ving Tsun is simple and is taught in a chronological progression. Through a series of open-hand forms and 2-person drills students learn the basic concepts and techniques of Ving Tsun. The point of the system is to learn the most effective and efficient fighting techniques and drill them many times under various pressures until they become a natural response. Ving Tsun does not use strength, instead it teaches how to use the natural positions of your body to protect your vital organs and centerline as well as how to generate power through relaxation and a well developed horse stance.  Within a few months students can expect to obtain a level of skill that will give them an advantage in violent situations. After two years of training students complete the basic self-defense program and move on to advanced studies. The highest level students will master the complete system and study to teach others if they choose.

Kung Fu Family

Kung Fu is about family. The Moy Tung Kung Fu family has over 25 branches in the united states and hosts multiple workshops and seminars every month. By training at Denver Kung Fu you will have access to generations of knowledge and opportunities to attend large events where you can train with  many different Sifus and Grandmaster Moy Tung. There is no better way to grow your kung fu than consistent training and a constant study of quality and verified information.




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