How To Prepare For A Wing Chun Seminar

December 14, 2018

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Ving Tsun seminars are one the best ways you can advance your kung fu. A Seminar is one weekend that people from all over the country can get together to work out and study real Ving Tsun. At a seminar we don't just get together for a few hours of lectures. We work out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 24 hours in one weekend, sometimes more.  We also always remember to take breaks and relax which can lead to some amazing nights out. When you attend a seminar you can expect to advance at least one drill or form. You can also expect to work on exercises that are unique to seminars. Because we dedicate so much time during one weekend the workouts can go deep into details that would be unattainable during regular classes.

For anyone who has not done a Ving Tsun seminar, I would encourage you to do so at some point. It's a great workout and a unique experience everytime. To really attend a seminar and get the most out of it you should train Ving Tsun in a class setting steadily for a few months prior. You want to have a good foundation of knowledge and a body of hands-on work to bring to an event like this. You also need to be physically prepared, and the only way to do that is to have at least a few months of conditioning.

Plan in advance as much as you can and coordinate with other students and get the best prices on travel and lodging. Pay your attendance fee in advance if you can. Bring workout clothes and some more formal clothes for meals in the evening. Be prepared to give lucky money. Drink lots of water and remember to eat.

This is a basic outline of how to attend a seminar and what to expect. As long as you plan in advance, take care of yourself, and workout hard you will get so much kung fu you won't know what to work on first. So ask your Sifu about attending a seminar take you kung fu to the next level.

(You must be an active member of the Moy Tung Kung Fu family to attend a Ving Tsun seminar.)