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Real Martial Arts and Self-Defense for Adults.

Ready to train some martial arts? There are no belts, competitions or tests. Just real training and the health, fitness, and martial capabilities that come with studying the worlds most efficient fighting art. We train traditional Ving Tsun Kung Fu, an art ideal for self defense.

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Click here to schedule your private intro or call (303)284-8125 today.

Co-ed Training Program.

Book your private intro lesson online by clicking this link. The co-ed program meets at noon or at 7pm, M/W/F.

About the art

Originally made by a woman for a woman, Ving Tsun is a system created for all body types, regardless of stature or physical fitness.


The only way to know whether Denver Kung Fu is a good fit for you is to come in. In the mean time, here is what a few people think about it.

Our History

For those of you interested in our lineage, this section gets a bit into the history of the Kung Fu.

News About Denver Kung Fu

Chi Kwan Training in Denver: Classical Shaolin Weapons Training of the Ving Tsun Kung Fu System for Advanced Fighting Abilities

Sifus from the Detroit Kung Fu Academy (Owen Matson) and the Texas Moy Tung Ving Tsun Kung Fu and Martial Arts Center in Houston, TX (Nic Bartell) meeting in Cheesman Park in […]

Anniversary Workshop 2016

Denver Kung Fu Anniversary Workshop,  01/22/2016
Special training is to begin on Saturday, 01/15/16 and culminate during the three-day intensive on the following weekend. Areas of focus will include chi sao, […]

Martial Arts Training

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